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215/40-18 FEDERAL SS-595 85 BSW
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Retail Price: $81.31/each
Sale Price: $67.76/each



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Federal SS595 is a Drift Competition tire. Federal SS595's extremely successful UHP, the former ss595, has been repositioned and renamed simply as the Federal SS595. Slight technical changes have been made by FTC to the tire to suit the purposes and take the abuse of drifting competition.

Combat-bred. Performance-driven. For those requiring flat-out performance, no other tire grips like the Federal SS595, yet still provides for the basic comforts of everyday driving. Federal SS595 aggressive V-shaped tread and innovative silica compound maximizes level of adhesion, resistance to aquaplaning, and gives your car ultimate control in acceleration, cornering and braking. Unparalleled comfort in its class.


◘ Our latest tire technology, TTIC, for smoothness, speed, and safety

◘ M.P.O. (Magnified Performance Optimization) technology – for consistent performance throughout the tire's life

◘ Three Radius Tread Arc delivers even pressure across the contact area

◘ Flange Protector protects expensive rims from potholes and curb damage

◘ Steel Sidewall and Belts for optimum performance in all temperatures

◘ Opti-Noise Technology for a quiet, comfortable ride

◘ Aggressive uni-directional tread pattern enhances high speed stability and traction

◘ Unique shoulder block design for predictable handling in different driving conditions.

Part #: 14AL8AFA
Size: 215/40-18
Speed Rating: N/A
Type: Performance
Load Index: 85
Load Range:
Sidewall: BSW

Write a Review
by j0hnalex, June 27, 2016
The Federal Evo 595 is the most affordable high performance tire I've ever owned! I run a 205-40-17 on a 8.5in wide wheel. Decent stretch! Was concerned when I first received the tires because the sidewalls where pretty stiff. I didn't think they would stretch well but the worked out perfectly! I burn through tires ever 10k these lasted just about 10k for me just because I have way too much negative camber. But with the price point of these it allows me to ride around with crazy camber and be reasonable. Only thing that sucks about these tires is they have cheesey flames on the sidewalls! But if you rub as hard as I do they won't be there for too long! Defiantly the Best Buy for a name brand tire! They are ok in rain. Never even attempted in the snow. But for 66 dollars and change what do you expect! Ordering a new set right now!!!
by mike.daviid, June 10, 2016
Good tire for drifting practice, not racing! I used these upfront with used tires in the back to learn drifting, then a full set as I improved. Once your skills demand more performance, upgrade to the 595 RSR.
by gramje, November 2, 2015
These tires are the best budget tires I have ever purchased. I have been purchasing this tire for over 4 years now from online tires and do intend to continue using this tire. The tread life is good and lasts in my honest opinion 2 years if you keep your alignment and PSI up to par. Great tires for the price. Aggressive look. Very impressed!
by Moyz0408, August 28, 2015
Like them a lot
by mile6453, July 27, 2015
When reading my review, please keep in mind that I do not track my car. It is a daily. These tires are used everyday, all year round. They are paired with WORK VS-XX wheels, measuring 18x10 (yes, I stretched them) and AirLift Performance air suspension.

Absolutely a great tire. I live in NW Florida where the harshest weather conditions are pouring rain and a hurricane once a decade. These tires handle great in the rain, but I don't push my car hard in any condition. They are absolutely great for spirited driving on city roads. They grip very well, especially paired with AWD.

These tires can be noisy or uncomfortable, and will not absorb much when hitting potholes, lane markers, speed bumps, etc., as they are made of a quite hard compound (they're track tires, it's expected). This is not an issue to me, but may be for some.

I have nothing negative to say about these tires. Heck, even the price is a steal. Will certainly be purchasing when new tires are needs.
by cherokeekid3@hotmail.com, May 15, 2015
Great Value, ran them on my BMW E36 for almost 4 years and 50,000 miles still had plenty of tread.
by Wind903, March 26, 2014
Very good tire for the price. Pliable and sturdy and not hard like rock compared to most other z rated tires. They do run a little wider than the size you choose so keep that in mind. I got a used pair from a friend which led me to get two new ones to complete the set.
by pops, February 28, 2014
I was in need of tires in a bad way & in searching the ol' interweb I found what I wanted & at a price anyone with a minimum wage paycheck can afford. Maurice was really helpful and we were done in under 5 mins. The tires are able to stand up to my 700hp 427 C4 like nothing else I've tried. Can barely get em to break loose even when I dump the hammer on it. The front pair are next on my list. Hope they corner like I think they should!