Are you planning to purchase a new set of wheels? Before you buy new wheels, it is a must to be familiar with its two types, namely Lug Centric and Hub Centric Wheels. Most of the original equipment wheels are Hub Centric while aftermarket wheels are mostly Lug Centric. Know the difference between these two in order to know which one best fits for you.



Unlike in hub centric where the hole in the center of the wheel fits snugly against the hub providing support along with the wheel lugs, lug-centric mountings is when the wheel lugs center and support the wheel itself with no support from the hub because of the gap. By looking at the hub of a hub and wheel assembly, it would be easier for you to tell the difference between the two designs.


Other low-speed and low-impact applications like golf carts, for example, often use lug-centric designs which are less costly and strong enough for these applications. In contrast, due to its support and centering of the wheel providing a better resistance from impact loads used on typical roads, hub centric design is typically used among automotive applications.

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Since wheels will work on a wider variety of vehicles without having a specific wheel shape for a hub, lug-centric attachments are usually sold by aftermarket wheel manufacturers. Aftermarket wheels are usually designed with larger hub diameter to make sure that it can fit on different vehicles. In this case, if the wheel is installed with this large hub diameter, it won’t fit perfectly and will create a gap between the hub and the axle of the vehicle. In order to simulate a hub-centric design, some manufacturers, however, provide a spacer that goes in the gap. This then would be useful for transferring lug loads to the hub as this spacer looks like a large washer that fits in the gap between the hub and wheel that is designed to contact both the wheel and hub.

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However, there is a common solution when you are using lug-centric wheel on hub centric vehicle. You can use a hub centric ring in order to fill in the gap between the centric bore and hub pilot. This way, you can secure the wheel in place and make sure that your wheels are properly centered on the hub of your vehicle. Hub Rings are commonly made from durable plastic or aluminum. If you wish to get hub centric rings for your vehicle, you must know how to get the appropriate size of these rings. You should consider two things: Center bore of the wheels and diameter of the wheel hub. Then the installation is simple and easy as you only need to lift your vehicle to remove the wheels. You also have to remove all the nuts in your rim and clean it. This way, you can fit perfectly the hub rings to your wheels.

After all, the wheels having the correct lug pattern is the most important thing, right? Surely, there are a lot of factors you consider while contemplating your purchase. But these wheel whether hub or lug centric will help you determine if these parts would fit on the vehicle and where the vehicle weight sits. To ensure an accurate balance, you can ask for further assistance at our customer service. Cheap wheels and tires are also available at our online wheels store. Learn more about tire maintenance at our website.

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