What is Hub Centirc Rings?

Once you experience a weird vibration in your car at speed above 40mph, you might think you had a bad wheel or maybe steering rack problems or some thing else entirely. Then, a mechanic would tell you that you are missing centric rings on your wheel hubs that would explain such vibration.

What do these centric rings do? If you look for aftermarket wheels, you may notice that most of these are not hub centric wheels. Since the wheel’s center bore is larger than the hub, it creates a gap between these two which cause vehicle vibration. Hub centric ring is being used to fill in the space between the center bore and hub pilot.


You may wonder if you really need hub centric rings. The truth is that you are not required to get and install Hub Centric Rings. In fact, wheels and tires can still function without these especially if you are using the Original Equipment wheels of your vehicle. Original equipment wheels are customized to fit on your vehicle. While aftermarket wheels might need hub rings as you can feel the ride difference with these rings. As we mentioned, hub rings fill in the gap so it won’t cause excessive vibration in the wheels. If you want to experience a smoother and more comfortable ride, you can learn more about these hub centric rings.


If you want to secure the wheel in place and ensure that the wheels are perfectly centered on the vehicle’s hub, you’ll need rings to over the spacing between the center bore of an aftermarket wheel to the hub of the vehicle. These rings are called Hub Centric Rings which are usually made of durable industrial plastic or any heat resistant materials and of aluminum. These rings are typically measured in millimeters and available through the dealer who sold wheels. In certain cases aftermarket wheels usually offer a standard center bore size to fit in the wide variety of vehicles.


Now, when do we need these hub rings? These are necessary when the hub hole or the center bore on the rim is larger than the wheel hub of the car as the manufacturers deliberately make the hub ring as large as possible for the rim, to allow the same rims to be sold for the various different models of the car using hub centric rings. When the wheel is perfectly centered on the vehicle’s hub, as a result, this would prevent any type of vibration issue to the steering wheel during driving and the shaking when speed reaches up to 40-60 mph. This could minimize the vehicle vibration which also means more comfortable ride.


Mounting stock wheels from one make and model vehicle onto a different make and model vehicle with the same bolt pattern, but a smaller hub can create a gap between the center bore and the hub of the vehicle. This circumstance needs hub rings to mount the wheels as hub centric as possible.

When you are finally decided to get hub centric rings for your wheels, you better know how to measure the right size of hub centric rings.


You have to consider two things:

Wheel's Center bore.
Wheel hub's diameter

You need to identify the center bore size in order to get the appropriate size of hub centric rings. The Hub Centric Ring can fill in the space of wheel bore and hub. For better understanding, here is an example:

  • Wheel Center Bore = 67.1mm
  • Wheel hub’s diameter = 73mm

If we get the difference of these two, the centric ring diameter is 5.9mm. Now that you get the right size for your wheels, you can follow these simple instruction on how to install the hub centric ring.

1. Before we install the ring, make sure to clean the wheel hubs and center bores of the wheels. The ring must be properly positioned.

2. Lift your vehicle using a floor jack until wheels have appropriate distance from the ground.

3. Using a four-way tool, remove every nuts around the rims then remove the wheels from the vehicle.

4. Clean the hub in order to fit the ring tightly. You might find it hard to fit if you have a dirty hub.


5. Place the hub ring in front of the hub. Put all the remaining hub rings to finish the installation.

Also, consider the inner and outer diameters of the hub centric rings you will need. These details are needed for specification in order for you to get the exact size of the ring to achieve the fitment and balance of your wheels. Take a look at your wheels and see if you have that gap if you do it’s a good idea to get some wheel centric rings at our online wheels store. You can also check out our website for affordable wheel and tire packages available online.

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