Advanti Racing 73MS Denaro

Inspired by sport-luxury vehicles, Advanti Racing Wheels are the definition of what sport luxury encompasses. With its unmatched quality and forward styling Advanti Racing provides the elegance to any modern day sport tuned vehicle.nspired by sport-luxury vehicles, Advanti Racing meticulously crafts every wheel design with precision and forward styling. At the core of every wheel produced is an unsurpassed level of quality. The Advanti Racing brand has been increasing heart rates and supplying drivers with adrenaline overdoses for almost 20 years. Advanti Racing’s history in F1 racing are the fundamentals on which their wheels are built.

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Starting from : $150.60 each

Add SKU# Variation Name Size Bolt Pattern Hubbore Offset Qty Retail Price Sale Price
73MS-B27751542S  Silver w/ Machined Lip 17x7 5X115 73.1 42 $188.25 $150.60
73MS-B27751442S  Silver w/ Machined Lip 17x7 5x114.3 73 42 $188.25 $150.60
73MS-B28851232S  Silver w/ Machined Lip 18x8 5X112 66.56 32 $217.50 $174.00
73MS-B28852042S  Silver w/ Machined Lip 18x8 5X120 73 42 $217.50 $174.00
73MS-B28851442S  Silver w/ Machined Lip 18x8 5x114.3 73 42 $217.50 $174.00
73MS-B29A51232S  Silver w/ Machined Lip 19x8.5 5X112 66.56 32 $248.25 $198.60
73MS-B29A52040S  Silver w/ Machined Lip 19x8.5 5X120 72.6 40 $248.25 $198.60
73MS-B29A51440S  Silver w/ Machined Lip 19x8.5 5x114.3 73 40 $248.25 $198.60
73MS-B29N51235S  Silver w/ Machined Lip 19x9.5 5X112 66.56 35 $259.50 $207.60
73MS-B29N52040S  Silver w/ Machined Lip 19x9.5 5X120 72.6 40 $259.50 $207.60
73MS-B29N51440S  Silver w/ Machined Lip 19x9.5 5x114.3 73 40 $259.50 $207.60
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