Konig 35S Rewind


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Starting from : $117.69 each

Add SKU# Variation Name Size Bolt Pattern Hubbore Offset Qty Retail Price Sale Price
35S-RW7511400S  Silver w/ Machined Lip 15x7 4x114.3 73 0 $146.77 $117.69
35S-RW7510020S  Silver w/ Machined Lip 15x7 4x100 73 20 $146.77 $117.69
35S-RW7511020S  Silver w/ Machined Lip 15x7 4x110 73 20 $146.77 $117.69
35S-RW7510040S  Silver w/ Machined Lip 15x7 4x100 73 40 $146.77 $117.69
35S-RW7611400S  Silver w/ Machined Lip 16x7 4x114.3 73 0 $161.52 $129.52
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