Cooper Tires is an American tire company founded in Akron, OH in 1914. What started as a company that sells tire patches, tire cement and tire repair kits is now one of the leading producers of passenger cars, light trucks, sport utility vehicles and commercial trucks today.

  • Cooper Performance Tires are designed with excellent grip, handling and wet/dry traction for different weather conditions in mind. This line of tires also feature a race-inspired tread.
  • Cooper Passenger Tires are designed to provide optimum ride comfort, sporty handling, all-season traction and attractive styling to complement your vehicle. These tires are available in a variety of fitments for passenger cars, minivans, small sport utility vehicles and crossovers.
  • Cooper Light Truck Tires are suitable for light trucks and vans up to 1 ton that demands off-road traction and all-season performance.
  • Cooper Sport Utility Tires are created to improve your sport utility vehicle, crossover and van’s performance and looks. These tires range from performance tires with the delicate balance of muscle and beauty, to touring tires that deliver high levels of wet traction, ride comfort and appearance.