If you’re building a Jeep or other 4x4 for off-roading, you probably know the name Dynatrac™ and associate it with big, beefy, high-quality axle assemblies. But there wasn’t always a Dynatrac offering alternatives to junkyard rebuilds of Dana 44 and Dana 60 axles with patented, unique drivetrain products designed specifically for the way you use your vehicle off road. The company had very humble beginnings. A man with a need and a drive to offer something better than what was available.

After a few years of breaking and repairing the factory Dana 44 front axle in his 1979 Ford F-250, Jim McGean began the search for a heavy-duty Dana 60 axle assembly that he could bolt-into his truck. The oil embargo of the 1970s made fuel expensive and the larger, less-fuel-efficient trucks that came with these axles were few and far between. McGean turned to the aftermarket. What he found was that of the existing aftermarket axle manufacturers specialized in assembling rear-ends, and they typically did so with junkyard components. The companies had very little knowledge about building complete bolt-in 4x4 front axles with new parts. He was also surprised at the unwillingness and inability of these companies to answer questions about his project, as well as the poor overall customer service he received.

McGean decided to build a heavy-duty front axle on his own. Within a year, his nights and weekends were spent building axles in his garage for off-road enthusiast friends. In the beginning, he simply did this to help offset the costs of the expensive equipment he had invested in to make his own.

Today, just as in the beginning, Dynatrac products are engineered in the U.S., manufactured using U.S., materials and assembled in the U.S. – a point of pride for McGean. Each and every axle goes through 117 different inspections during the assembly, ensuring unparalleled quality. McGean maintains a presence on the trail, in the shop and from behind the drawing board, pushing quality and innovation to new levels. Dynatrac specializes in seeing the needs of the off-road, military and commercial markets and continues to design solutions to fill those needs.