Prinx is the first new brand of Prinx Chengshan (Shandong) Tire Co., Ltd, which is a joint venture between Prairie Investment and Chengshan Group

Prinx brand is supported by a national-class technology center of Chengshan Group and the top-notch German team.

Prinx adopts key technologies like PCTT finite elements analysis, ETB, CTA, HPL and green tire.

The designing of Prinx products utilizes simulation of tire performance, including cornering, tracing, noise and braking performance.

The production is backed up by advanced management platform of IE, ERP, MES and PLM.

In the pursuit of green, balanced and sustainable development, Prinx provides the users free, safe, and desirable experience.

Prinx aims at the premium market and is dedicated to tire products of high quality and high value.

The product range covers TBR, PCR, SUV, 4*4 and VAN to meet the need of customers from different area.




Ultra High Performance