Yokohama started its legacy on year 1917 and has been noted for excellence until the present. Its name is identified as one of the leading company for manufacturing tires worldwide. When Yokohama Tires will be mentioned, everyone would connect it to auto parts automatically and this only means that the company has gained this reputation on the field of automotive for many number of years.

Yokohama Tires continues to uplift its name as it also contributed on producing eco friendly tires, by reducing some elements like trichloroethane which is known for its harmful effects. They found way on maintaining the quality of the product without sacrificing the dependability these tires could give to its consumers. These tires became part of some championship games for racing all over the world as its name is always ranked top. Tires that are fitted for both on and off-tracks are lined up under Yokohama. The car performance you've been eyeing to have is now possible because performance tires that are matched for all type of cars are all readily available for grab. Advan Sport A/S is just one of the many high-performance tires of the company. The comfort it brings even on an extreme weather condition is truly something that drivers admire, ait is also daptable and reliable to summer, rainy weather and even on season for snow.

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