INOVIT is an aftermarket alloy luxury performance Wheel company, powered by innovation. Since our incorporation in 1998, INOVIT has grown from a small home-based office operation in the Netherlands to a globally recognized brand known for its precision engineering, unique design, employment of advanced technologies and above all, an innovative approach to the alloy wheel industry. Our aims are simple, to provide products of such quality, refinement, and sophistication through our dedication and affinity with the automotive industry.

INOVIT™ products are the trendsetters of the aftermarket wheel industry. We incorporate the latest design languages such as multi-layer, straight barrel, inner lip, directional, side milling, ball cut side milling, etc. into our designs. Among our most popular offerings in staggered fitments is the INOVIT™ Turbine, which features a directional concave design. The concave look is unmistakably one of the hottest wheel trends in the industry right now and we’re proud to offer some of the deepest concave wheels on the market!