Founded in a Kansas City garage in 1967, WELD was the result of a relentless pursuit of speed, durability and safety.

Highly successful Sprint Car driver Greg Weld was unable to find the right combination of strength and performance in wheels that were being made, so he decided to make his own. Fifty years later, a lot has changed but the values of WELD remain. Our production facility is less than a mile from Pappy Weld’s Speed Shop where Greg’s race cars were built, and his passion for performance continues to fuel the company today. Innovation lives on in our industry leading products and relentless pursuit of speed and strength.

WELD is as an engineering performance driven company that lives the racing application through leading edge designs and real world results. WELD engineers have designed and engineered wheels from 10” to 26” in diameter for virtually every type of application, including the more than 30,000 part numbers. WELD wheels are designed and engineered in the United States of America.

Weld Racing has dominated all levels of drag racing and oval racing. Weld Racing's wheels can handle the power and speeds of up to 330 mph and are made from the highest grade forged aluminum. Weld Street & Strip aftermarket wheels are born on the track using the same forged alloy as Weld’s Racing wheels. Weld’s iconic aftermarket wheel styling has the right look for classics, muscle, pro touring, or modern muscle car. Weld forged aftermarket rims are precision engineered to improve acceleration and braking with unmatched quality and styling. The Weld Offroad & Truck wheels are strong, well-engineered and high precision built forged wheels.