Falling under the Ultra Wheels portfolio of brands, WORX is a new addition to the family and yet it has already been creating waves. The brand is billed as 'Serious Truck Wheels,' and its designs seem to indicate that it really does mean serious business. Although it may be early days yet for this fledgling brand, enthusiasts already seem to be gravitating towards it and it could very well be the next big thing assuming it lives up to the initial promise it has shown.

Worx Alloy custom wheels are built with awe-inspiring flair and skilled craftsmanship for today's truck and SUV owners. Each Worx truck wheel is manufactured using high-quality materials and engineered with sturdy construction to give it the strength and lasting durability needed to support today's hauling machines on the road. Optimized for structural stability, Worx custom truck rims provide your truck with solid highway performance and a stylish, aggressive look that lasts.