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Experience the confidence of the Continental ContiProContact tire, a luxurious all-season tire that is designed to keep you safe and sound. Featuring ContiSeal technology, the ContiProContact tire is engineered to seal a damaged tire tread on select sizes for extra assurance that your performance and safety won't be compromised. The special shoulder groove geometry and alternating convex and concave sipe design also provide secure cornering and dependable wet performance, all while minimising noise. Plus, the state-of-the-art silica compound and sidewall flange protection (ML)/Rim protection ring (FR) on select sizes will protect your rims from unnecessary damage. For extra peace of mind, the ContiProContact tire comes with an impressive 80,000 Mile/128,000 km Limited Treadwear Warranty (S/T Rated) or a 60,000 Mile/96,000 km Limited Treadwear Warranty (H Rated), plus a 40,000 Mile/64000 km Limited Treadwear Warranty (V/W Rated) and the Total Confidence Plan and 3 year roadside assistance. Don't compromise your safety and stability, be prepared for whatever awaits with the Continental ContiProContact tire.