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Get ready to discover a tire like no other - enter the world of the General Altimax Arctic 12, the studdable winter passenger car, minivan, crossover and SUV tire! Perfectly designed with winter sipes, a V-shaped directional tread with grooves, and snow traction ridges to provide extra grip while cornering, accelerating and braking in deep snow, this one of a kind tire is sure to provide the utmost performance and enjoyment regardless of weather conditions. Plus, this tire is pinned for winter studs, so when it gets especially icy and slick out, you won't miss a beat when it comes to safety and performance. And to top it all off, you even get 45 days to try out the tire to make sure it meets your needs and a 72-month limited treadwear warranty, so you can trust this tire will last for years! So don't hesitate - make the General Altimax Arctic 12 part of your winter driving experience today!