G-MAX Justice

Summer Performance Passenger

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Introducing the GENERAL G-MAX JUSTICE AW, the latest tires for police, government, and law enforcement vehicles designed to give you superior all-season and winter high-speed pursuit performance. With an innovative symmetric tread pattern design, large radial grooves, and wide, solid shoulders, these tires will take your performance to the next level in all weather conditions. The all weather dual tread compound offers maximum traction and performance, while the high void angled grooves help increase resistance to groove cracking, provide lateral scrub resistance, and help channel water away. Plus, the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) symbol confirms that these tires meet the required performance criteria for use in Severe Snow Conditions. Enjoy confident driving in all weather conditions with the GENERAL G-MAX JUSTICE AW, and experience ultimate performance, traction, and long, even treadwear.