ALL SEASON Grand Touring Passenger

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Experience a smoother, quieter, and truly all-season ride with the Hankook Kinergy GT. Combining comfort and traction, the Kinergy GT is optimized for original equipment use on vehicles from Honda, Hyundai, Kia, and Volkswagen. Featuring a silica-infused, all-season compound and a symmetric, five-rib tread pattern, it is designed to offer optimal acceleration and braking performance for a truly luxurious drive.

The high-grip silica tread compound offers superior wet traction while wide lateral notches and four circumferential grooves evacuate water from beneath the contact patch for improved hydroplaning resistance. Plus, multiple tread sipes with chamfered edges maximize contact area on slippery surfaces for confident all-season traction. For enhanced handling, durability, and high-speed stability, the Kinergy GT comes with two wide, steel belts with a full-width nylon reinforcement (in most sizes). The body casing, made from polyester cord, helps manage the trade-off between handling and comfort, while the strong, jointless bead wire increases uniformity for an even smoother ride.

Experience a more luxurious drive with the Hankook Kinergy GT, the perfect tyre for all-season performance and an incredibly comfortable ride.