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Introducing the Pirelli Scorpion Verde - the summer passenger SUV/Crossover touring tire designed to provide comfort, safety, and lower fuel consumption.

Crafted with an optimized profile and innovative materials, the Scorpion Verde is sure to provide the reliable performance desired for all summer driving. Its optimized pitch sequence and phasing ensure a balanced and stable ride, while its dedicated shoulder profile gives drivers reliability and confidence. Enhancements like an innovative compound with special polymers, and Run Flat and Seal Inside technology provide better wet performance and more options for drivers of all varieties.

Experience improved stability for large SUVs, better fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions, and quieter ride with the Scorpion Verde. Pirelli's advanced tire engineering delivers up to -30% of perceived noise and internal noise reduction. Enjoy high mileage and stable performance without compromising the superior handling of your vehicle.

The Pirelli Scorpion Verde is designed with you in mind. Feel safe and secure with the reliability and performance you'll experience on all summer adventures.