Carlisle SPORT TRAIL LH 530R12 (6H01391)

Tire Specifications

Part Number 6H01391
Ply Rating 4
Load Capacity 855 pounds (lbs)
Maximum Inflation 55
Tread Depth 6
Mounted Diameter 21.6

Carlisle 5.30-12 B SPORT TRAIL LH

Bias-Ply Trailer tire with Optimal Performance where Rugged Performance and Sidewall Puncture Resistance is Required - Trailers for Construction, Utility, Agriculture, Light Marine, Light Travel, Cargo and Sports.

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  • Innovative, modern tread design
  • Improved, wider shoulder
  • Reduced rolling resistance


  • Provides improved contact under loaded conditions and serves to resist lateral scrubbing
  • For a smoother ride, more consistent wear, stability at highway speeds and enhanced security for your towed vehicle
  • For extended tire life

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