Mastercraft GLACIER TREX 205/65R16 (90000030114)

Tire Specifications

Part Number 90000030114
Load Rating 951521
Speed Rating T
Sidewall BLK
Load Capacity 1521pounds (lbs)
Maximum Inflation 44
Tread Depth 12

Mastercraft 205/65R16 GLACIER TREX

Studdable Winter Tire for Passenger Cars and SUVs. Carries the 3PMSFS and is M+S Rated.

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  • Winter compound technology
  • Aggressive, modern, directional tread design
  • Patented "Snow Groove" Design
  • Multi-angled, corrugated sipes
  • Center rib tie bar
  • A multitude of strategically placed stud pin holes
  • Random pitch sequence in tread pattern
  • Optimized tire profile shape


  • Stays flexible below 45 degrees F but is still durable to provide many winter seasons of use
  • Grabs snow for improved acceleration and braking and evacuates water to resist hydroplaning
  • Locks snow into the tread, capitalizing on the higher traction characteristics of "snow on snow" grip
  • Enables biting edges to maintain snow and ice traction no matter direction or braking while corrugation allows for the rubber to lock together to enhance tire stability
  • Reinforces the tread lugs to improve handling when changing lanes and cornering
  • Allow for optimum traction on ice
  • Creates a quiet, comfortable driving experience
  • Evenly distributes contact pressure for balanced treadwear

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