Ironman RB-12 NWS 205/70R15 (94032)

Tire Specifications

Part Number 94032
Load Rating 96
Speed Rating S
Sidewall WW
Load Capacity 1565 pounds (lbs)
Maximum Inflation 44
Tread Depth 9.6
Approved Rim Width 5.0-7.0
Mounted Diameter 26.34

Ironman 205/70R15 RB-12 NWS

All-Season Passenger Car Touring tire. Combination of Contemporary tire technology and Classic White Sidewall Styling.

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  • Lateral shoulder slots
  • Square tread profile
  • M+S rating
  • Computer-optimized tread design
  • 60-Month Limited Protection Policy and 24-Month Road Hazard Protection


  • Improve water dispersion and promote heat dissipation
  • Maximizes contact area and improves handling stability
  • Ensures all-season performance and peace-of-mind
  • Reduces road noise for a quieter, more comfortable ride

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