Firestone DURAFORCE DT - SKID STEER 265/70R16.5 (360473)

Tire Specifications

Part Number 360473
Ply Rating 8
Load Capacity 4140 pounds (lbs)
Maximum Inflation 60
Tread Depth 26

Firestone 265/70D16.5 NHS D TL DURAFORCE DT - SKID STEER

Agricultural Bias Deep Tread Not For Highway Service (NHS) tire designed Specifically For Skid Steers and Aerial Lift Equipment.

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  • Extra tough nylon body construction and special puncture-resistant compounds
  • Heavy duty sidewall and large curb rib
  • Deep tread, buttressed lugs and full sidewall
  • Aggressive rim deflector
  • Full sidewall protection
  • Agricultural Bias Tire Warranty
  • Agricultural Tire Warranty - Canada


  • To handle the most demanding conditions
  • Deliver more stability and greater puncture resistance
  • Deliver maximum wear and life
  • Keeps debris out
  • Resists punctures and flats

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