In the early 1970s, BF Goodrich Tire Brand or BFG introduces the first American passenger car tires and automobile tires certified for racing. BFGoodrich Tire Brand engineers took the bold step of demonstrating the superior quality of their products through racing. Not only was the concept inventive, but so was the methodology—competing on the same tires sold to the public. In 1972, the BF Goodrich Radial T/A tires were the first modern-era street tire to compete at the international race, 12 Hours of Sebring. The BFGoodrich Comp T/A Drag Radial tires becomes the first street legal, Department of Transportation (DOT) approved drag tire in 1995. In the years since, BFGoodrich tires have rewritten record books everywhere. From Indy to the Daytona 24 Hours to record-setting string of victories in the granddaddy of all off-road. Along the way, BFGoodrich Tire Brand engineers proved their point: competition stretches the envelope, tires for the consumer and the direct beneficiaries of the lessons learned in competition, and the real winner are those who depend on the BF Goodrich tires in their daily lives.


For revolutionary performance for street and track, BFGoodrich Ultra-High Performance automobile tires gives incredible traction that allows racer to extract more peak performance from the tire during launch, especially for sport compact applications, and results in more consistent and faster ¼ mile drag strip times. It offers high-speed stability and control, plus more cornering performance while being compatible with radial tires on non-drive axle for improved overall handling and balance. BFGoodrich Ultra-High Performance tire has optimized outstanding dry traction yet excellent wet and dry grip with handling low noise, enhanced stability wear and handling under high torque loads. BF Goodrich Passenger tires are designed for coupe, sedan, minivan and mini-SUV owners who won’t compromise anything when it comes to smooth ride, long tread-life – and outstanding all season performance. BF Goodrich Touring Passenger tires provides exceptional grip in dry, wet and snow without sacrificing tread life that gives excellent strength, smooth ride, consistent footprint and maximized tread contact are under high speed conditions. BF Goodrich g-Force T/A KD is designed to increase the performance capabilities of sports cars, sports coupes and performance sedans by providing remarkable dry road performance while providing satisfactory wet traction. For highest mileage, best-riding all-season light truck tire, BF Goodrich light truck, 4x4, SUV all terrain tires are the leading original equipment on many leading pick-ups and SUVs. BFGoodrich Light Truck tires provide exceptional dry traction and control with minimal highway noise. With its superb traction and control; precise steering response; good bruise and puncture resistance. It gives high strength and durability; smooth ride that meets challenging light truck performance requirements and stable handling. Buy BF Goodrich tires at OnlineTires.com and save! Check our wide selection of tires online where you can choose from our huge inventory of BFGoodrich tire brand that is suitable for your car with tire prices that are affordable to your budget. With our nationwide shipping, we make buying tires easy for you. For specific question, call OnlineTires.com now toll free at 1-877-465-8473.

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