John Boyd Dunlop was a Scottish veterinary surgeon by profession. He built up a large practice in Ireland but found the rough roads and the iron, wood or solid rubber wheels an uncomfortable way to travel. In 1887 using his son’s tricycle he experimented and came up with a design based on an inflated rubber tube and patented it the following year. His patent was for a bicycle tire, granted in 1888. However, Robert William Thomson, another Scot had patented the idea in 1845, his invention worked well but was too costly to catch on though Dunlop was unaware of this. Dunlop established what would become the Dunlop Tire and Rubber Company but had to fight and win a legal battle with Thomson. John Dunlop did not benefit much financially from his invention but received the most recognition. Dunlop sold the patent and company name early on. Despite Thomson’s work, Dunlop is credited with the invention of the modern rubber auto tires. John Dunlop retired to Dublin and died there in 1921.


Dunlop Tires Ultra-High Performance Radial tires are premium luxury sport tires and SUV tires with commanding power, self-supporting technology and maximum high performance sport radial that gives real performance for extreme drivers. Dunlop Touring Radial tires gives premium and maximum mileage all - season tires which gives consistent handling, ride comfort and tread wear in a wide range of load conditions. Dunlop auto tires stay in constant contact with the road for consistent wheel response and driving feedback. Dunlop All Season tires provide long mileage wear and give confident all-season capability. High Performance tires also have their DSST Technology. DSST is known as self supporting technology – other calls it run flat technology. This is a tire tech that allows driving to continue under certain condition even after a loss of tire pressure. DSST Dunlop tires are considered Original Equipment for some luxury cars.

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