In 1983, Falken tires launched the first Falken brand tires with novel designs and aggressive driving performance. In 1985 the company started its export business, in 1990 Falken Tire Corporation was created to aggressively develop and establish the Falken brand as Americas tire in USA through its own subsidiary. In 1993, it started sales of top class high performance tires that were developed incorporating circuit racing know-how. In 1996, a refined tread design under the concept of “youth”, “cool” and “sport comfort” was created. In 1999, Falken tires joined Nurburgring 24 hour race for the first time to show aggressive driving performance to hundreds of thousand of spectators with its outstanding wet performance tires it earned good reputation from European magazines.


Falken tyres introduce the Falken All-Season Performance passenger car tires that provides hybrid-asymmetric pattern for high performance grip and genuine touring confidence. Standing highway speeds and water, with its engineered tread pattern, it is effectively evacuating water away from the contact area and it embodies the essence of performance during each of the four seasons. Next is the generation of pure sport performance tires called the Falken Street Legal Motorsport tires, with its improved Motorsport grade cap compound that maintains grip over a wide range of operating temperatures it has increased internal void ratio that delivers enhanced wet grip and aquaplane resistance under competition conditions. Its innovative molded tread design Falken Street Legal Motorsport tires reduces tread squirm when new while providing predictable mileage for street use.

With Falken Luxury SUV tires and Light Truck tires unparalleled all season performance it also has the deep tread pattern, deepest in “sport truck” category. Both tires has symmetrical non-directional tread pattern that allows unrestricted rotation for superior life and flat, even tread wear and whisper like performance. It also gives superior wet-weather traction while keeping aggressive style, stylish sidewall treatment and performance to your ride. On the other hand, Falken All Weather Performance Light Truck tires give you durable tread compound for tough, long lasting performance.

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