Harvey S. Firestone founded The Firestone Tire and Rubber Company in Akron, Ohio, in August 1900, and started marketing solid rubber tires for carriage wheels. A few years later, Henry Ford selected tires manufactured by Firestone for the first mass-produced automobile tires in America. In 1911, Firestone began what would become a legendary involvement in car racing by entering and winning the first Indianapolis 500. Firestone Tire and Rubber Company also joined America’s “Good Roads” movement, supporting the Lincoln Highway Association in the creation of the first coast-to-coast highway, and advocated the creation of an interstate highway system as early as 1916.

Meanwhile, Firestone Tires continued to grow and diversify into new markets. In 1961, Firestone acquired Dayton Tire, another tire industry pioneer. During its long history, Firestone developed numerous advances in tire and rubber technology, including the first non-skid, synthetic latex, and the first United States-produced radial tire.

Around the same time, Firestone also created the “Ship by Truck” campaign, encouraging manufacturers to move their products to markets by truck. In fact, the very fist coast-to-coast truck shipment of goods traveled on Firestone tires. Firestone advertising of the era hailed its tires and producing “most miles per dollar”. By the 1920s, Firestone had become a world leader in truck tires and the company included its own retail store chain.

Firestone Tires

Firestone Ultra-High Performance tires are excellent for wet and dry traction. Firestone Light-Truck tires features outstanding wet performance and a smooth quiet ride. Designed for strength and durability, Firestone Light Truck tires have a modern all-season highway tread design that are known for its continues shoulder ribs for reduced irregular wear and increased tread life. Firestone Truck tires steers radial with exceptional resistance to irregular wear conditions and durable and reliability in on and off road conditions.

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