In September 1960, Kumho established Samyang Tire, the predecessor of today's KUMHO Tire. In those days, the domestic automobile industry was at a primitive stage. Kumho tires makes about 20 tires a day, depending on manual labor because of Kumho’s backward technology and shortage of facilities. However, from the latter half of the '60s, Kumho acquired the KS Mark and managed to ship to East Asia for the first time. This was our starting point. Despite the 1974 oil shock and difficulties in procuring raw materials, KUMHO managed to achieve remarkable growth. In 1976 they have became the leader in the tire industry and was listed on the Korea Stock Exchange. Songjung Plant II was added in 1977. Receiving the grand prize of the Korea Quality Control Award in 1979, the company sharpened its corporate image with the public. The turmoil of political instability and feverish democratization in the '80s worsened the business environment. Kumho at that time also underwent labor management struggles but succeeded in straightening out one issue after another. In the meanwhile, the company chalked up a total output of 50 million new car tires, broke ground for its Koksung Plant, and completed its proving ground, in preparation for a new take-off. The '90s have been the runway for a takeoff into the 21st century. KUMHO is refreshing its corporate culture today in order to cope with the ever-changing business environment in the world under the WTO regime and to take its place on the global forefront. Kumho has been part of our everyday life and is known as Americas tire and around the world for having the best tire prices. Tires Kumho Ultra High Performance tires series utilizes KUMHO's proven technology to meet the challenge.

The ultra high performance directional tread designs coupled with high performance tread compounding, delivers the ultimate in responsive handling and cornering characteristics in both wet and dry road conditions. Kumho High Performance All Season tires offers the best combination of quiet ride, handling, wet traction and long mileage, making them a great high performance value. KUMHO Tires are fitted on many Original Equipment vehicles requiring many different types of driving demands. Kumho Light Truck tires combines performance and style, blending a sporty tread pattern with optimum levels of tread wear and grip. Kumho Light Truck Highway All-Season tires deliver exceptional tread wear, braking, and handling performance, in both wet and dry conditions, along with an exceptionally quiet and comfortable ride. These tires are designed for 95% on road use and 5% off road use. Kumho Mud Terrain tire combines exceptional ""take-you-anywhere"" off-road traction with some good "bring-you home-again" highway manners. These tires are designed for 50% on road use and 50% off road use.

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