LEAO Tires are made in China by LingLong Manufacturing Company. The Leao Tires brand was created to compete in the highly competitive entry price point of the market. LingLong, as an experienced and well respected global tire producer as the manufacturer, you can be confident that the tires meet or exceed the standards for the North American market. In 2011, LEAO Tires stepped into a new stage of development towards an international brand by adopting innovative managerial modes to advance into the international markets by ever-rising brand value based on high quality and low energy consumption product to become one of the world’s top ten brands. In 2014, the phase I project of Thailand plant was put into production, making the major breakthrough and laying a solid foundation for the development of a global strategy. In July 2015 with the completion of phase II, the company started producing the TBR line. LEAO Tires are of top quality and reliability with guaranteed low price. This combination will most certainly satisfy the economic needs of today’s motorists. The lion in the logo reflects exactly what it’s all about: the excellent, nearly “royal” capabilities provided by LEAO Tires.


LEAO is now internationally recognized as the most budget-friendly quality tire alongside the following characteristics: • High & stable quality • Competitively priced • Reliability • Performance in all types of weather conditions and surfaces • Covers a wide range of applications (PCR, L/T, and TBR tires).

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