Since its inception in 1996, the LEXANI fame continues to groq as the world class leader in automotive lifestyle with its successful portfolio of wheel design concepts, ultra high performaning tires and couture clothing line. LEXANI’s trendsetting culture is highly visible in it exquisite and innovative product offerings from 3-piece forged wheels to the unique “extended flange” technology. Expanding its portfolio and in keeping with its reputation, LEXANI has launched a high performance tire lineup. The LEXANI Performance Tire was developed to be the ultimate combination of luxury, styling , and quality. The ultra-high performance capability and technologically advanced tread pattern are specifically enginerred as plus-sized applications for high-end luxury sedans, sport coupes, and SUVs. The relentless marketing strategy has evolved the brand and its products into a strong global presence. Celebrities and ordinary people alike shown affinity for anything Lexani.


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