In 1889 two brothers embarked on great human and industrial odysseys, Andre and Edouard Michelin developed modern transport solutions, through careless innovation of radial tires to Pax System, from the first gastronomic guide to steel wheel, Michelin has played its role in every phase of the automotive industry making it as the key to economic development. Edouard Duabree marries a Scot, Elizabeth Pugh Barker, niece of the scientist Macintosh who discovered the solubility of rubber in benzene. She introduces rubber into the French Auvergne region, by manufacturing play balls for children, first by hand and then with the help of a machine invented by her husband. In 1889 The Michelin Tires plant lies on 30 acres close to the Place des Carmes in Clermont-Ferrand and employs 52 people. It attempts to revitalize its activity with a rubber brake pad called “The Silent” thus reflecting the company’s early interest in transportation. Michelin Tires files its first patents for detachable tires that can be repaired in a quarter of an hour. In 1913, Michelin invents the detachable steel wheel, prefiguring the spare wheel. In 1940 the company takes the name of Michelin Rubber as a manufacturer of auto tires. In 1946 the research continues, culminating in an avant-garde, solution: the radial casing. The first “Green Guide” for a North American location, New York City is published which marks the day as well that the Michelin tire brand become one of Americas tire. Michelin Group is active on all continents, and in countries from China and Brazil to the United States, Germany and Russia. Michelin Tires manufactures and sells tires for all kinds of vehicles (including SUV & auto tires), publishes maps and guides and operates a number of digital services in more than 170 countries.


The result of advanced engineering and years of racing experience, Michelin’s Pilot Sport Performance All Season tires deliver exceptional handling, grip and cornering ability to satisfy even the most demanding drivers of high performance vehicles. Michelin tires are able to harness the full performance potential of your vehicle by utilizing cutting-edge technology in the manufacturing process -- from specialized rubber compounds to computer-optimized tread patterns. Because of their performance characteristics, it is no wonder that Michelin Pilot Sport tires can be readily found on some of the world's most desirable sports car, giving their drivers the full exhilaration of the experience.

Straddling the line between high-performance handling and superior touring comfort, Michelin ultra-high performance tires are as at home on the curves as they are on the straight-aways, and they are sure to help you get the most out of your high-end vehicle. Aside from their performance and comfort characteristics, Michelin tires also offer a quiet, smooth ride and great all-weather traction.

Michelin - Luxury Touring tires offer a sublime combination of the handling characteristics ordinarily associated with high performance tires and the quiet, comfortable drive typical of passenger tires. With features like BAZ Technology, next generation Radial XSE Technology and an industry-leading silica-based rubber compound, drivers who ride on Michelin tires will experience a high level of confidence, comfort and control.

All Michelin tires Zero Pressure also known as Run Flat Tires, feature a reinforced sidewall that is designed to support the weight of your car even after a loss of air pressure, and a tire pressure monitoring system will inform you if any air loss occurs. Even with no air in the tire, Michelin Zero Pressure Tire technology allows you to continue driving up to 50 miles at 55 mph, so you don't have to change a tire on the side of a busy highway. Best of all, Zero Pressure technology has been applied to some of the best-performing Michelin tires, so you can get the added security of a Zero Pressure tire and still maintain excellent performance, making it as an original equipment for BMW and Mercedes Benz.

The Michelin family of passenger car tires, designed to deliver the very features passenger car and minivan drivers want most. Offering a unique balance of comfort, all-season tire performance and exceptionally high mileage tires, each Michelin passenger tire is engineered to inspire your confidence on virtually any road, in virtually any weather. From the outstanding everyday handling of our premier Michelin HydroEdge tires, to the smooth, quiet ride of the Michelin Symmetry tires, you are sure to find a Michelin passenger tires that is designed for your style of driving.

Whether you are looking for responsive, high performance street tires, rugged, reinforced off-road tires or tires for heavy-duty commercial applications, you need to look no further than the Michelin family of light truck tires and SUV tires. Premium rubber blends, patented architectural features and aggressive tread designs all work together to help give consumers a wide range of capabilities of confidence and reliability regardless of how they use their Michelin light truck tires and Michelin SUV tires.

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