Nankang Rubber Tire is dedicated to the management principles of “Sincerity, Practicality and Innovation.” Nankang Tires created greater efficiencies by carefully upgrading production methods, while continuing to develop and introduce new products while enhancing quality. Nankang Rubber Tire believes that: An enterprise is a joint living body, where teamwork efficiency, long-term operation and stable profit and growth are emphasized.


Leading the industry quality, reputation, research and development and production capabilities, Nankang Rubber Tire Corporation Ltd is the longest established tire manufacturer in Taiwan, having started operations in 1940. Based originally upon the principals of Japanese manufacturing technologies, Nankang Rubber Tire Corp has grown substantially in its pursuit for product excellence. Its 2 Taiwanese plants (Nankang & Hsinfung) continue to manufacture the bulk of Nankang's product. September 2003 marked the commencement of production at Nankang's Jiangsu facility in mainland China. This latest expansion ensures economies of scale for the future development of Nankang's progressive product range. Today, Nankang performance tires are exported from Taiwan to over 100 markets worldwide. Comprehensive range of passenger, light truck commercial and 4x4 radials are supplied to more than 300 distributors throughout Europe, North America, Central and South America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Australia.


With its computerized tread design, Nankang Passenger tires provides increased resistance to hydroplane in high speed running on deep water. Nankang Passenger tires have variable width tread design help to reduce pattern noise and promote a quieter comfort ride. Shoulder edge sides design promotes even and long tread-wear. For high performance and stable driving in mud or snow road condition, Nankang passenger tires provides you a sport patterned that also provides advance capability of braking on snow road.

No matter on what ground be it gravel road, muddy road, sandy road, Nankang Light Truck tires designed a tread pattern that perform an excellent drive which suits all weather multi purpose tire. Nakang Light Truck tires suit for all road conditions, can put studs when required to increase the maneuverability and braking.

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