In 1872, the core business of Pirelli Tires brand was born. For over a hundred of years the story of Pirelli Tyres has been the story of the automobile tires itself. Some of the earliest cars on the road, “Ercole” was introduced in 1901. While “Milano” bicycle Tire were introduced in 1890 even earlier. The company’s first victory in a motor race came in the Peking-Paris event in 1907, heralding a tradition of sporting success on two and four wheels consolidated over the years by figures such as technological excellence and production innovation, from the pre-war Stella Bianca to the Cinturato radial, the wide series and the modern ultra-low profile tires. Over a century of internationalization: from Europe to South America, and then the United States, China and Eastern Europe, Pirelli Tyre today is the world's fifth largest operator in terms of turnover on the tire market, with levels of profitability among the highest in the sector.


Pirelli Performance Tires combines extreme road performance with exclusive styling detail to satisfy the demands of today’s performance car enthusiast. Pirelli tires design allows for a large wheel diameter and an ultra-low profile tire while accommodating higher loading capacity required by more powerful engines and higher cornering speeds. With the unprecedented performance Pirelli Tires includes precise cornering, excellent grip even under extreme stress and optimum safety in all conditions. Whether on the road or track, Pirelli Performance Tires is synonymous with ultra-high-performance driving. Pirelli High Performance tire has wider rimmed wheels that increases overall grip, facilitates entry into corners, improves directionality, and ensures progressive safe braking. Pirelli All Season tires wipes away driving worries under any climatic condition know for being the best winter tires and snow tires. The credit goes to the design, the product of Pirelli’s ultra-high-performance tires experience with structural integrity designed to preserve safety characteristics. Pirelli tires tradition of ultra-high-road performance, carefully balanced with an effective capacity to handle heavy terrain. Pirelli tires styling combines the technical function of the tread with an elegant sidewall design adaptable to fast, prestigious SUVs, to 4x4 pick-ups, and to the new “hybrid” 4x4 station wagon. A new level of performance and comfort while providing superior comfort and reduced noise. Pirelli Performance tires have a tread pattern that is derived from a racing tire and is both directional and asymmetrical in design. Pirelli All-Season tires give a long-wearing tread compound. Its unique tread design makes it one of the few ultra high performance tires with outstanding handling. Pirelli All-Season Tire is developed to fit high performance vehicle such as BMW, Mercedez Benz, Audi, Volvo and Ford. The tread pattern of Pirelli All Season tires is designed to deliver a smooth and comfortable ride in snow and wet weather conditions.

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