Sumitomo tires personality, found in the products and the daily operations of Sumitomo Tire, is shaped by a company history extending more than 350 years. The history of Sumitomo tyre dates back to the early 17th century, when Masatomo Sumitomo (1585-1652) opened a book and medicine shop in Kyoto. Later in life, he created his Founder’s Precepts, which laid out his business philosophy. The Sumitomo Business Principles, stressing integrity and sound management, were originally based on Masatomo’s Precepts and have been a central force shaping the spirit of each Sumitomo company for more than 350 years. Sumitomo’s initial mainstay business was copper mining. It later diversified into a variety of fields including finance, insurance, iron and steel, real estate, and trade. Today, Sumitomo acknowledged as one of Japan’s leading business groups. Sumitomo tires Igeta symbol represents the freshness in spirit and substance, like the never-ending flow of a spring that Sumitomo bring to the tire industry. As an American company with roots in Japan, Sumitomo continually demonstrate our ability to draw from the well of American and Japanese heritage, and bring forth fresh commitments to success.


Sumitomo radial tires have earned an excellent reputation for outstanding performance in the toughest applications. Innovative design and fantastic quality control make the difference. We offer a wide range of sizes and tread designs for auto tires built for performance criteria, specifically designed for you desired vehicle applications.

Sumitomo Performance tires offer ultimate grip and handling in wet and dry conditions. It provides a revolutionary, advanced and aggressive tread pattern for better traction, and it has excellent cornering grip and performance with quiet ride and reduces irregular wear. Sumitomo Light Truck tires designed for the plus sized look, load requirements for SUVs and Light Truck, Passenger Car Ride and Sports Car performance. With its balanced on road performance, Sumitomo Light Truck tires give also an off-road capability yet also has its improved snow and ice performance, better off-road traction and improved ride comfort.

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