Lug Nut Type& size

Why do our cars need Lug Nut? These lug nuts, or lug bolts, are the hardware that is used to secure your wheels and tires to your vehicle by installing the correct lug nut for your vehicle. Like wheels, these lug nuts also come in different types and sizes.

If you got new wheels, do you also have to purchase new lug nuts? The answer is: it may vary on the condition. There are times that you can use it again on other wheels. However, it has different lug seat type and if the center cap needs a shorter lug, you must purchase a new one that fits on your new wheels.

You do not have to worry if you purchase aftermarket wheels because most of these are designed to use the original lug nuts/ bolts of your vehicle. However, if it requires you to get new lugs or bots, you have to consider these factors before purchasing a new one.


First, you have to identify the proper fastener seat. There are different types of lug nuts namely:

  • Conical Seat
  • Flat Washer
  • Spherical Seat
  • Extended Thread
  • Tuner Style
  • Small Diameter Spline Drive
  • Lug Bolts

Conical / Tapered Seat and Spherical / Ball Seat are known for their shapes or how they look like. Tapered Seat is commonly designed in a 60-degree angle which shows the space between two walls. Ball Seat is a ball-shaped seat which is commonly used in European luxury vehicles like Porsche and Benz. On the other hand, an extended thread area and a flat washer seat are called Mag Seat. The flat, washer-like is the Flat Seat. It is easy and cheap to produce so it is commonly used in wheels.

Extended Thread (ET) is also conical which allows more thread engagement. It has longer neck that allows more thread engagement. Tuner Style has a small diameter using a special key on the outside end with a conical seat. Lastly, Small Diameter Spline Drive uses a special key on the spline grooves with small diameter using a conical seat.

Lug nuts are different from lug bolts whereas the latter are lug nuts essentially with the stud attached and used on vehicles that have a flat rotor with no studs. Make sure that they are not too long for the wheel otherwise it can cause movement issues. Remember to check that the lug bolts should not be too long by spinning the wheel while it’s off the ground. This should still move for about a 360-degree of motion. Lug Bolts are commonly used on European luxury vehicles like Mercedes Benz, Audi, and BMW.


Sizes ranges from:

  • 10mm X 1.25
  • 12mm X 1.25
  • 12mm X 1.50
  • 12mm X 1.75
  • 14mm X 1.25
  • 14mm X 1.5
  • 14mm X 2.0
  • 7/16" X 20
  • 1/2" X 20
  • 9/16" X 18

If you purchase aftermarket lug nuts, it may be a good idea to invest in a universal tire iron because most OE lug nuts are not designed to fit aftermarket wheels. Small diameter lug nuts are commonly used on aftermarket wheels and will require an adapter for install/removal may not be the same size as the OE lug head diameter. Some lug nuts which have a hex nut shape are designed for a range of regular sockets while those with a spline-like shape require a special key. Each set has a unique, computer-generated pattern that will only accept the supplied key tool that is necessary for removal and installation.

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