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Proper Tire Storage


Tires are the most exposed and vulnerable part of your vehicle when you’re driving. It is prone to debris, cuts, and potholes that may cause damage to your tires. It is important to always keep an extra tire in your car and/or at home. However, since tires are expensive, you must know how to store them properly to avoid any damage. Whether you have an old or spare tire that you want to keep, it is better if you follow some proper storage guidelines to preserve its best state.

Before keeping your spare tires, you have to inspect and check its condition if there are any cracks or deterioration. It is better to check the tire depth and if it’s beyond the decent depth, you have to consider buying a new one. Then decide where you can store these. You can store it either: House Storage, Tire Storage Facility, or Garage Storage. You can store it as long as it is indoor to keep the climate controlled.

House Storage

You can keep your spare tires inside the house as long as you stay it away from emit carbon monoxide items like central vacuum and heater. A cool and dry area is the best place for your tires.

Tire Storage Facilities

There are available tire storage facilities that you can use if there’s no appropriate area in your house or garage. However, it is quite not practical as you have to pay for the storage.

Garage Storage

As long as your garage is not heated or in direct sunlight, you can store your tires in the garage. Just follow the do the tire storage preparation to ensure the condition of your tire.

As long as your garage is not heated or in direct sunlight, you can store your tires in the garage. Just follow the do the tire storage preparation to ensure the condition of your tire.

Keep tires away from direct sunlight and high voltage electrical equipment

It is best to keep your tires in a dry and cool place as long-term heat exposure can ruin the rubber compound of the tire. Also, keep it away from high voltage electrical equipment that may cause tire damage.

Basement and temperature controlled room are just some of the ideal places to store your spare tires. However, you can place it anywhere as long as you follow the pointers above — avoid extreme heat and high voltage equipment.

Tire Storage on wall

Keep it Clean

Just like storing any equipment, you have to make sure it is clean. Before keeping your tires, you have to clean these and wash with automotive soap or soapy water to remove dust from rims. You can use screwdriver or stick in order to get rid all the debris. If you keep your tire with any elements which may cause damage in the long run. Even though it might sound a good idea, keep it in mind not to apply any tire coats like tire shine before being stored as it can also cause damages.

wrap tires in plastic bags and seal it with tape

Wrap it in plastic bags and seal it with tape

Since the previous tip was about keeping it clean, you have to do something to maintain it that way. One of the best and easiest ways is to keep it inside a bag tire. If you do not have one, you can use a huge opaque plastic bag then make it air tight using vacuum cleaner and seal it with tape. This simple step can protect your tires from dust and other harmful elements. However, even tire tote is made for tire storage; a plastic bag is still a better option because it is airtight. Just make sure the plastic does not have any holes.

Store it in an upright position

When you store the tire in an upright position, it lessens the weight on the sidewall. Some stack the tire but you have to avoid stacking them too high as it can damage the tires at the bottom part. Tires can be stacked if still mounted on the wheels in order to avoid deformities. Hanging your tires is not recommended because it can lead to damage and deformities.

store in upright position

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