Achilles is a reliable tire manufacturer of passenger, light truck, winter, and DOT competition tires. If you need a replacement, get it here at Online Wheels Direct as we offer affordable tires.

The mother company of Achilles Radial, PT Multistrada Arah Sarana, is an Indonesian manufacturing company of replacement tires established in 1991. In order to expand and improve, MASA requested for technical assistance to Pirelli, then Continental tires later on. In 2005, Achilles Radial was officially founded and became a global brand after 8 years in the market. In less than a decade, Achilles Radial was able to develop an impressive product line of high-performance tires such as passenger, light truck, winter, and DOT Competition Tires.

Achilles Tires offers not only great-looking tires but also reliable ones with great handling and comfortable ride. With wide circumferential grooves which are perfect for hydroplaning resistance, Achilles tires are reliable in wet driving conditions. So it is suitable for those who are looking for consistent replacement tires with great traction and decent gas mileage whether for highway or off-road conditions.

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