Fullrun Tires is a brand from a Chinese Qingdao manufacturing factory that is specialized in tire manufacturing. It has been an outstanding private brand developer since 2003, and due to the relatively young age, Fullrun Tire company had followed the latest guidelines and used the most modern technologies in tire manufacturing industry from the very beginning. This tire brand has an amazing portfolio of premium and high-performance tires and owns more than 50 patents. In 2008 it received an honorable prize for “Export Famous Brand” from the government and obtained various sorts of certificates since then.

With the strong focus on export, Fullrun has multiple tire plants and had been one of the biggest tire traders in China for nine consecutive years. With the large capacity, it manufactures vast amounts of passenger car tires, as well as the large volumes of truck and bus tires.

Since the company was founded, under the guidance of their corporate ethos – focusing on technical innovation to drive the brand – Fullrun has formed an integrated sales network in the domestic and foreign markets, and sales volumes have doubled in just eight years. 90% of their products are for export and the company has signed exclusive agency agreements with more than 300 foreign firms. The annual amount of exports from the company has been more than 100 million dollars over the past 6 consecutive years.