The Galaxy Tire brand started in America and has presence in countries across the world today. The Galaxy lineup is made of heavy-duty tires designed for specific work applications. All Galaxy tires are manufactured to provide buyers with superior performance, long life, and exceptional value.

Galaxy Tires specializes in off-road tires for a wide-range of equipment. Every tire is focused on providing the best traction and longest service life for a specific application. The brand has a large team of engineers working successfully to put together a comprehensive line of advanced tires for a wide range of industries including Construction, Mining, Forestry, Agriculture and Industrial. They draw on decades of experience in the industry, and work hard to perfect their rubber formulas and tire building techniques to provide long tread-life and protection against damage or flats. Every Galaxy tire exceeds international quality standards set by different organizations and their quality parameters are checked by conducting tests in both the field and research laboratories.