Iris Tires was founded in 2004 by the Algerian manufacturing company Eurl Saterex. It is the number one selling tire brand in Algeria and the third-leading seller in Africa. They have since expanded into the European and American markets. They intend to compete with Chinese tire companies based on price without compromising on overall quality.

All of their tires are designed and created with cutting-edge technology from Europe to ensure all tire models meet the highest standards.

With their new tire plant built with state of the art technologies in Algeria, Iris Tires seeks to fill the void of quality tires in Algeria, as well as create demand internationally. Iris Tires built an intelligent tire factory with the latest manufacturing and software technologies and implementing over 320 quality control points in their manufacturing process. They are focused on quality, safety and affordability. Relying heavily on technology transfers from German, Italy, Finland and the United States, to guild their plant and design their tires, Iris gained approval to sell in their tires on the European and US consumer tire markets. The tires are built with special attention to high levels of rolling resistance, better vibration absorption and noise reduction. Iris also built a testing facility to test their tires on different surfaces and in different applications. If you are looking for an affordable tire, Iris Tires are a great choice!

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