Supermax Tires are manufactured by Horizon Tire Inc., which, in addition to Supermax, is the official distributor of Antares, Rydanz, Grenlander, and Sotera brands. These tires equipped with modern technologies that can easily cope with our climate.

Their excellent performance is confirmed in many opinions by the drivers who decided to buy them. They also perform very well in tests carried out by independent experts, among tires of their class. At the same time, Supermax tires show an excellent value for money.

Supermax Tires offers passenger cars include tires for the city, compact cars as well for the middle class, SUVs, and tires for high-performance cars. Comfortable and safe driving should be within the reach of every driver. For this reason, when setting the prices of products, Supermax is primarily guided by the good of users, giving them the opportunity to buy reputable tires for a low amount.