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Introducing the ATTURO TRAIL BLADE M/T the perfect tire for your light truck or SUV that will take you confidently, no matter the terrain. With its 8-10 ply construction and hydrocarbon free (clean) oil, it's designed with strength and durability in mind. Special features such as the beveled center tread blocks and staggered shoulder blocks allow for an enhanced off-road experience with improved grip and performance. While the rim protector helps to provide extra protection for your rims, the contoured center channel and arching stone throwers help to add increased traction during muddy, sandy, or snowy rides. Finally, the menacing sidewall tread blocks improve overall grip you can be sure you'll have the grip and power you need to power through any roads you come across. Look no further for your light truck or SUV tire experience unstoppable confidence with the ATTURO TRAIL BLADE M/T.