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The CONTINENTAL PROCONTACT RX is your perfect all-season passenger car touring tire. Designed for sophisticated coupes and luxury performance sedans, these tires will handle the toughest roads with ease. Offering unparalleled performance, the tires come with a rim protection ring for ultimate durability.

The unique tread design ensures better fuel efficiency so you can enjoy longer drives. In addition, the ContiSilent technology reduces tire noise for a quieter, more comfortable ride. To give you complete peace of mind, the tires come with a mileage warranty of up to 65,000 miles/105,000km (S/T-Rated), 55,000 miles/90,000 km (H-Rated), 45,000 miles/72,000 km (V-Rated), and 40,000 miles/64,000 km (W-Rated).

Plus, with the Continental Total Confidence Plan, you can enjoy accelerated services throughout the life of the tire. This includes 60 Day Trial, 3 Year Roadside Assistance and more. With the Continental PROCONTACT RX, you can rest assured that your car will be ready to go the extra mile.