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The Continental ProContact TX all-season passenger car touring tire is a tire designed with your comfort and security in mind. With rim protection ring (FR) in select sizes, alternating convex and concave sipe design, special shoulder groove geometry, and interlocking sipes, you can experience superior wet grip and reduced road noise due to the special Silica compound. Plus, some tire sizes available with ContiSilent noise reducing technology (SIL) make driving more comfortable and peaceful.

The Continental ProContact TX ensures you drive with total confidence. With a 65,000 Mile/105,000 km Mileage Warranty (S/T-Rated), 55,000 Mile/90,000 km Mileage Warranty (H-Rated), 45,000 Mile/72,000 km Mileage Warranty (V-Rated), and 40,000 Mile/64,000 km Mileage Warranty (W-Rated), you know you can count on the ProContact. Plus, its Total Confidence Plan covering 60 days of trial and 3 year roadside assistance give you added peace of mind.

Drive with the Continental ProContact TX all-season passenger car touring tire and experience secure cornering, great performance in wet conditions, and improved steering with low rolling resistance for improved fuel economy. With all these features, you will be driving more comfortably and with total confidence.