TrueContact Tour

All Season Touring Passenger/SUV

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Are you looking for a tire that can keep up with your lifestyle? Look no further than the Continental TrueContact Tour All-Season Passenger Car Touring Performance tire. This tire packs all the features you need to keep your car on the road, whatever the season, at an affordable price.

The Continental TrueContact Tour features a Rim Protection ring (FR) on select sizes, as well as tuned Performance Indicators that alert you when the tire is no longer performing optimally in dry, wet or snow conditions. They also come with the convenience of an Alignment Verification System, which helps confirm that your tires are aligned correctly.

But that's not all. You can also benefit from the Continental TrueContact Tour's 80,000 Mile Limited Warranty for T/H Rated tires, or its 70,000 Mile Limited Warranty for V Rated tires, giving you total confidence in your purchase. Plus, they also offer a Total Confidence Plan as well as a 60 Day Trial and 3 Year Roadside Assistance.

When it comes to all-season performance, quality and reliability, you can trust the Continental TrueContact Tour to keep your car on the road safely and securely. Look no further, and purchase yours today.