ALL SEASON Rugged Terrain LT

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Introducing the COOPER DISCOVERER RUGGED TREKan ideal tire for the intrepid explorer who dares to challenge mother nature. Get ready for the ultimate off-road experience with this mud-terrain passenger light truck or SUV tire. You can trust the Dual Off-Road Sidewalls which both offer long, deep cleats that provide enhanced off-road traction. Special Earth Diggers Technology with large shoulder scoops and lugs combine to forcefully dig into dirt, sand and mud. Jutting ridges and our Stable Trac Technology with omni-directional, microgauge siping will protect you from damage from sharp rocks and improve traction on roads and rough surfaces. And to top it all off, our Whisper Groove Technology delivers sound barrier walls that will keep youprotected from any loud noises. Plus enjoy the free 45-day test drive, limited 60,000 mile treadwear warranty (for Non-LT Sizes Only) and a 55,000 mile limited treadwear warranty (for LT sizes). Get ready for the wild ride of your life with the Cooper Discoverer Rugged Trek.