Summer Max Performance Passenger / SUV

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Introducing the revolutionary HANKOOK VENTUS S1 EVO2 the ultimate Ultra High Performance Summer tire! Designed to give performance auto enthusiasts a combination of performance looks and feel, crisp handling, and Z-speed rated (or higher) durabilityall without compromising on dry and wet traction this tire is the perfect solution for those looking to take their drive to the next level.

The HANKOOK VENTUS S1 EVO2 features a sleek design that pairs perfectly with popular sports cars, performance coupes, and high performance sedans, making it a trusted pick as an O.E. tire for drivers around the globe. But dont let that fool you: the Enhanced Traction Silica Compound helps maintain maximum control of the roadwhatever conditions youre in. And, the Non-directional Tread Pattern ensures superior performance on both dry and wet surfaces, while the high-performance tread matrix ensures top-tier performance, no matter what the road throws at you.

Unlock your true potential with HANKOOK VENTUS S1 EVO2 tires. Trust us: the only thing youll regret is that you didnt try them sooner.