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The Hankook Ventus V12 evo2 is your ticket to the perfect Max Performance summer drive. Powerful and stylish, these tires will make getting behind the wheel a new, impressive experience. Expertly designed to tackle warm dry and wet road conditions, you can have confidence and control while zoom down your route of choice.

The high-grip silica compounds molded into the design feature an advanced functionalized styrene polymer to reduce rolling resistance while still maintaining remarkable traction and handling. A directional tread features notched shoulders and 3D intermediate ribs to maximize grip, no matter the terrain. You can expect reliable hydroplaning resistance and wet traction with the special aqua jet lateral grooves, which maximize water evacuation from the contact patch of the tire.

The internal structure for these tires includes two wide steel belts reinforced by two plies of jointless nylon, along with stiff bead fillers and hard rubber sidewall plies to ensure impressive handling. The added benefit of the stealth technology and wing tip pattern in the intermediate blocks makes these tires remarkably quiet for a Max Performance summer drive.

Trust the Ventus V12 evo2 by Hankook to deliver a comfortable, comfortable and control-filled ride that doesnt compromise fuel economy. Get out on the road and express your personality and style. Enjoy a superior driving experience.