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There's a new player in the Ultra-High Performance Passenger Car tire game, and it's called the LEXANI LX-TWENTY. This tire is unlike anything you've seen before, with advanced European designed technology and a UTQG rating of 320 A A. Experience superior handling in all weather conditions while enjoying a 30,000 mile limited treadwear warranty.

The LEXANI LX-TWENTY tire provides outstanding high speed performance and secure traction on wet and dry roads. Offering excellent cornering and braking, the European designed tread pattern and innovative sidewall design make the LX-TWENTY stand out from the rest. Enjoy superior grip and performance in all weather conditions, no matter what the terrain.

Designed for maximum speed, agility and sustained performance, the LEXANI LX-TWENTY is perfect for those who demand the best. Whether it's the open road, racing or daily driving, the LX-TWENTY delivers a superior driving experience that you won't want to miss. Let the LEXANI LX-TWENTY take your driving experience to the next level.