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The LEXANI TERRAIN BEAST A/T tire is the perfect solution for all your all-season and winter tires needs. Whether its rain, mud, or snow, the Terrain Beast has you covered. Engineered with full-depth sipes and a unilateral center rib for increased stability, the Terrain Beast will ensure you are always in control and safe.

Experience reliable and consistent performance during all your adventures on and off the highway. The Terrain Beast has been designed with aggressive off-road performance in mind, ensuring you will get maximum traction at all times. Additionally, it carries the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) symbol which confirms the tire meets the strictest standards and the required performance criteria for use in Severe Snow Conditions.

The Lexani Terrain Beast A/T is the perfect choice for the driver who is looking for confidence on any terrain and in any weather. Experience the ultimate driving experience with the Terrain Beast tire from LEXANI.