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Introducing the Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T - a truly revolutionary tire for drivers looking for the ultimate in all-terrain passenger light truck/SUV performance. Enjoy enhanced off-road and on-road handling, and the perfect balance of stability and comfort with the Baja Boss A/T.

This extreme all-terrain tire features an asymmetrical tread pattern, shoulder scallops, PowerPly XD with 50% heavier denier cord on the biased-angled third ply, sound-deadening ribs, enhanced stone ejectors and Extreme Sidebiters. Not only does the Baja Boss A/T provide superior grip on wet or dry terrain, it also has several sizes that have been approved for 12? and 14? wide wheels, as well as a 35? tire thats approved for 176.5 dually wheels.

This tire also carries the three peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol (sizes 12.50 (315) and narrower only). This is your assurance that it meets the required performance criteria for use in severe snow conditions, giving you the confidence to tackle anything that winter throws your way. Whats more, the Baja Boss A/T is backed by a 50,000 Mile Treadwear Warranty on LT sizes, as well as a 60,000 Mile Treadwear Warranty on SUV sizes.

Put your trust in the Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T and never worry about nasty roads or snow again. Conquer the most extreme terrain with confidence and style!