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The MOMO M-8 FORCERUN HT is the ideal tire for passenger SUVs and light trucks. Featuring an all-season highway terrain radial, this tire provides improved rolling resistance and enhanced fuel efficiency so you can enjoy farther and longer drives without worrying about fuel economy. Its large exterior tread blocks, circumferential grooves, and angled siping also helps keep your vehicle firmly in touch with the road, providing excellent cornering traction and stability.

Additionally, the MOMO M-8 FORCERUN HT is engineered to channel water away from the contact patch so you can enjoy greater wet traction and hydroplaning resistance in those inclement weather conditions. With its enhance silica-enriched rubber polymer formulation, the MOMO M-8 FORCERUN HT remains flexible in both colder temperatures and dry, higher heat conditions, providing you with reliable and confident year-round driving. Plus, enjoy peace of mind with the MOMO M-8 FORCERUN HTs long-lasting treadwear and 50,000 mile treadwear warranty (on non-LT sizes only). Look no further and trust in the MOMO M-8 FORCERUN HT for all your driving needs.